ZOMORRODIAN TRADING GROUP is a family business and has been importing various products from several countries since more than a century. The main activity of the ZTG has been in jewels (especially Emerald which means Zomorrod in Persian) and antiques followed by watches, clocks, textile and fabrics, flowers, sewing machines and accessories.


Today we, at Zomorrodian Trading House, are the proud 4th and 5th generations who are continuing the fair-trading passion of the family. Our grand grandfather from the father side Mr. Hadj Mohammad Ismail Djavaheri Zomorrodian and our grand grandfathers from the mother side, Mr. Hadj Mirza Agha Zomorrodian and Mr. Hadj Mirza Abdollah Djavaheri started importing Swiss made watches in Iran around the year 1900. Their sons continued their legacy in importing watches as well as in the jewelry and antiques business.


The latest accounting books that we have found in the remained records go back to the year 1929.


Around 1950 ZTH started its activity in real estate and mainly on lands suitable for agriculture.


After the 1979 revolution and during the Iran-Iraq war until 1998, tough government rules and regulations for importing watches resulted in major smuggling of this product into the country and forced legitimate watch businesses to scale down their operations. Hence, ZTH started manufacturing clocks.


In 1983 ZTH established a plant for manufacturing clocks using made in Japan or made in Germany movements.


In 1998 the government changed the regulations of importing watches and clocks for better to stop the smugglers, so ZTH little by little stopped the manufacturing and changed to importing which was economically more reasonable. Mr. Massoud Zomorrodian then decided to transform the plant to a charity school for the disabled children in which more than 160 students study today.


In 2003 ZTH decided to restart the watch business. Tejarati Zomorrodian & Co. Guaranteed Company is a company registered with Iranian Companies Board ( Reg. No. 334300 ) and has been importing watches, accessories, jewels and clocks from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


In 2003 ZTH also registered Jarrahan Abi Novin Limited Company devoted to importing medical disposables registered with both Iranian Companies Board ( Reg. No. 202783 ) and Iranian Health Ministry ( Reg. No. /157401/87 ). Brand name “ unicut “ is the registered private label of JAN for Iranian market.


ZTG is also among the few importers of > 1000 cc racing motorcycles and new technology vacuum elevators in Iran.


In year 2008 ZTG started it’s business expansion in the neighbor middle eastern and post-soviet countries as regional agent for some Swiss or Italian brands.

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All of the products we import are well known international brands which are manufactured based on high end quality management systems and have at least 2 years international guarantee. As official exclusive distributor of the brands we import we are obliged to have a dedicated trained team for our well equipped after-sales service department. Selling a watch starts in the point of sale but does not end there. Once you buy a product from us, we will be responsible to offer you our fast support and quick response when you need us.


We have collected the best brands in the world

Our Team

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At T. Zomorrodian & Co. we are based on over 100 year old principles. The satisfaction of both our retailers and customers is our aim.

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International brands have strict guidelines for their advertising and promotion which we follow meticulously while trying to customize the projects and events to the brilliant cultural virtues of our clients.

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